Wondering if Yoga Therapy may be able to help?

Ask Kay directly to find out:

Kay teaches open weekly classes, but her ability to offer customized home programs before and after these classes is very limited. A private Yoga Therapy series is the most effective way for us to develop a home practice that supports goals you design yourself, whether that means to improve your standing posture, reduce back pain, or improve sleep.
Appointments are offered Tuesdays and Saturdays
We are currently scheduling via email or phone.
Initial Sessions 90 minutes
You will recieve assessment forms via email. It is best if you fill these out and return them prior to your first session. We will establish your goals for therapy and set you up with activities to start with right away.  Postural assessments are commonly part of the first or second session. This will depend on your goals. 
Regular Sessions 60 minutes
These sessions are our most valuable time together. In regular follow up sessions we expand your home program. There is often a good deal of teaching whether we are working on diet, posture, pain, or emotional blocks.  Manual therapy can be part of regular sessions depending on a client's needs. 
Check Ups 30 minutes
These brief sessions allow us to refine activities you are already working on at home.  Check Ups require prior approval, so please be careful with the PayPal button! If you have many questions, a full Regular Session may be best.